Tour de Flex stats and Polaris AIR application for Google Analytics

Greg Wilson has posted the stats for the last 16 days for the Tour de Flex AIR application. They are pretty amazing:

  • 550K+ samples viewed, 34K+ daily
  • More than 4 million viewed since the we launched on 11/16/2008

Last year, Nico launched a desktop version of Google Analytics using Adobe AIR. The story of this application is pretty interesting. At that time there was no public API for Google Analytics. Thus, he had to reverse engineer the API. Once he figured out the API, he took advantage of the Flash Platform to build a desktop AIR application that makes good use of the charting capabilities of Flex. Actually, I had the pleasure to meet him and chat during a Flex Camp in the Netherlands, last June. I think Google contacted him after he released the application, and he worked with Google to further refine the app. I remember that day very well, because was the same day the Netherlands won against France 4-1 in the European Football Championship :)

Now, the API is available, and Nico has discontinued the old application. Instead, you can install the new one from here. It is called Polaris, and it is very compact. You can use it for free for one account, or you can pay $15 for a year and use the full version. Nico plans to launch three more products this year, all related to the Google Analytics.

One thought on “Tour de Flex stats and Polaris AIR application for Google Analytics

  1. This is one of the best adobe air application I have come across. Now I use two adobe air application excessively “tweetdeck” and “Polaris”
    It helped me to easily keep track of popular keywords from my blog and I can use them as anchor text to increase ranking.

    I will highly recommend this application for all the Google analytic user.

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