The Flash Platform and TVs

Last year we announced Open Screen Project, an initiative led by Adobe to provide a consistent runtime environment for rich Internet applications and  video across screens/devices (PCs, TVs/Set-top boxes/Mobiles) using the Flash Player and Adobe AIR.

One year later, you can already see big ripples: by the end of this year we’ll have Flash Player 10 on mobiles (smartphones and high-end phones). The latest news, is that we have an optimized Flash Platform for TVs, set-top boxes, Blue-ray players, and other devices in the digital home.

Many chips vendors, OEMs, cable operators or content providers announced support for this technology. Just to enumerate a few: Broadcom, Comcast,, Intel, Netflix, STMicroelectronics, Sigma Design.

The technology is available immediately, and probably we will see the first devices early next year.

I don’t know about you, but I would buy today a TV set that knows to display RIA, and lets me see the videos from Hulu and Youtube, or displays the pictures from my Flickr account.

At the same time, it is getting better and better to be a Flash Developer. Being able to target different devices (PCs, TVs, mobiles) using the same technology, it is just great!

You can read the press release here.

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  1. “and lets me see the videos from Hulu”
    should be
    “and lets *Americans* see the videos from Hulu”

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