Drink with Platform Evangelists


Spring has come! Finally we have nice weather in Bucharest (my town). We’ve decided to start a series of after-hours meetings, in a nice pub in Bucharest, to talk about RIA, web technologies, trends, and more. With platform evangelists (Miti, Cornel, engineers from AIR team, and me), and you! This is really not an excuse to get rid of our ladies, and drink beer. No! It’s all about technology and people!

The first meeting is tomorrow, April 9th, starting with 20:00, Motoare pub!

We are really curious to see how many people will show up, and what topics people want to discuss! (You can find more by watching the movie; it is in Romanian as we don’t expect to have people who don’t speak Romanian).

Drink with Platform Evangelists in Romania from Mihai Corlan on Vimeo.

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