Berlin and Frankfurt

Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting sessions on Flex/AIR and PHP in Berlin and Frankfurt.

In Berlin, some of the attendees and the local Flex UG managers stayed for a beer after the session. I had a chance to talk about their future plans, and finding ways to present Flex and AIR to the local students. It seems that together we could do some interesting things in the future. I will not disclose what they are planning, but they are working on a cool, big event. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, Bettina and Mathias!

In Frankfurt, I had the first session at DevDusk event (thank you guys for giving me the first slot). Although I had to squeeze into 45 minutes a session that I usually do in about 70-80 minutes, it was cool. The second session was on Groovy. Here you can see some pictures from the event. The guys behind the DevDusk event are also behind the Rhein Main Flex User group. If you are living in the area, then give it a try. Both Darren and Reto are vey nice!

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