Timisoara Flex Camp

This Saturday one dream came true: the first Flex Camp in Romanian city other than Bucharest (we had three camps in Bucharest in the past two years). Statistics of the event:

  • 110+ attendees (majority were students in Computer Science)
  • 32 pupils for the AIR Boot Camp
  • 6 sessions (four delivered by the three Romanian evangelists, two by people from Timisoara)
  • 7.5 hours

I very much enjoyed being there, presenting, talking with old friends from Mindomo.com, and meeting new friends. A little while ago Alexandru Ghiura started the first Adobe User Group in Timisoara. If you want to find out more, just go to http://groups.adobe.com and search for Timisoara, and you will find the group’s page. If you are interested in Flex/Flash/AIR and you live in Timisoara, then I strongly encourage you to join the group (it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a senior Flash developer). Alexandru has some plans to start introductory courses on Flex (these courses will be free of charge).

The people from Mindomo.com that helped us to convince the University of West to allow us to have our camp on their campus, deserve a lot more than our thanks! Depending on the people’s reaction, university support, and the local Adobe User Group, it is possible that we will come back with a new event this year.

And lastly, Cluj where are you?

12 thoughts on “Timisoara Flex Camp

  1. Yes, great camp. Great people, great presentation and next time let’s meet in Cluj ;)

  2. Yes, it was a nice camp, I left with a lot of ideas for future projects. Thanks guys, we’re waiting for your next visit to Timisoara.

    I hope you’ll do a lot more camps outside Bucharest, now that you saw how many people are interested. :-)

  3. I am from Cluj, and I was in Timisoara…so I will be in Cluj too if you come there.Very nice work you did there, I’m very impressed of your presentation, and your will to help the flex comunity.Thumbs up!!!

  4. It was certainly a great experience and I sure learned a lot of new stuff.

    Congrats for the adobe team and the TM guys who organized it.

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