Flash Platform day in Craiova, Romania

I have to take off my hat to the people from IT Six and the students from the local university in Craiova (a city in Romania), where we had a Flash Platform event today. Miti presented two hours session on the Flash Platform, and I did a two hour AIR Boot Camp. The attendees were all students.

IT Six organized the event. They offered their space (which was excellent), they gave us about 12 computers for the Boot Camp and a Sys Admin to install everything we needed. And of course we had coffee and  pizza. Thank you Mr. Sorin Gavanescu!

This is not the end of our collaboration, as we are planning to have some Connect sessions just for Romania in the near future. So keep an eye on my blog, if you are interested in attending some online sessions.

This was a nice surprise. Bravo Craiova! I certainly didn’t expect to find the level of support and large number of people interested in a technical event and in supporting it, especially because we have tried in much bigger university centers and much bigger cities with limited success.

PS. to all attendees: please get in contact with IT Six, they have the presentations and projects and they will make them available on the Internet. Also we will ship over there some Flash/Flex/AIR stickers soon. And if you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to send me an email (mihai dot corlan at adobe dot com).

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