Amgen Tour of California bike race and Flash Platform

Although I am an European, and thus Tour de France is the “only” tour for me, I must say that Amgen Tour is quite unique. And why’s that? Because this is the third year that they have used the Flash Platform to make the race available over Internet. The race started on February 14th, and you can see all the details here.

You can see the race live at that address, and if you wonder about the technologies used, then here is the answer: Flex, LiveCycle, and Adobe AIR.

My friend Duane Nickull created an online petition here, to convince the organizers of Tour de France to use a similar solution. This would be sweet :) Tell your friends, parents to sign the petition.

2 thoughts on “Amgen Tour of California bike race and Flash Platform

  1. How do you use AIR to watch outside your web browser? I have Internet Explorer. Also, is there a way with Flash or AIR to mute a given Flash video? For example, when trying to play videos on the Tour of California website, you get the “Watch Live” commercial loop sound continuously, even when trying to watch the videos on the photo/video page.

  2. To clarify my comment, after the stage is over, there is a continuous commercial loop playing. I would like to mute that loop so that I can watch the videos on the “photo” page without conflicting sound tracks.

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