The new AIR Marketplace is out

We’ve just launched a new version of AIR Marketplace. You can access it through this URL:

And here are some of the new features:

· Easily search and download applications. Users can rate, review, comment and flag an application to provide valuable feedback. They can share applications with colleagues and friends, and also subscribe to RSS feeds from the Marketplace.
· A self-service web interface enables developers to manage their profiles and applications.  Developers can also view download statistics, ratings and reviews through a new application dashboard
· If developers want to sell their application, they can submit the app to the Marketplace. In this case the Marketplace will not enable e-commerce transactions, but the users will be taken to the developers website to conduct the transaction.

LATER UPDATE: you can read here about what is marketplace.

2 thoughts on “The new AIR Marketplace is out

  1. Hi Mihai! Great meeting you in Oslo and yes – I’ll send that email about documentation soon.

    Just wanted to say that the “Staff Picks” selector on the AIR marketplace site goes up/down and not to the sides as the other ones does. This causes it to display nothing but whitespace when you click it.


  2. Hi Jensa and good to hear from you! I am really waiting for your email!

    I will let the people know about the problem Marketplace.

    Take care and see you soon! Maybe in Amsterdam at a big, really big event ;)

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