Norway and Denmark trip

This week I traveled to Norway and Denmark to give sessions at two events. The first event was Monday, the first Flex Camp in Norway. About 60 people showed up, and I must say it was one of the most advanced Camp I’ve seen from the level of topics. All the people knew about Flex and AIR, and they were either Flash developers or Flex developers. I did the keynote and a session on Flex and PHP, and the rest of the sessions were about unit testing in Flex, creating scripts for automatic builds, 3D ActionScript engines, and Flash Catalyst.

Øystein did an excellent job organizing this event; the location was nice, and the pizza excellent. After the event most of the people stayed in the student pub near the venue for more talks. And some of us went for a second beer session in another pub. Thank you Peter, Ruben, Martin, Ole, and Jens for that evening. And thank you to Knut, the PHP user group manager for support too.

I can only hope that this event is the first one in a series :)

Jens explaining about his trip in Romania Peter making fun of us

Ole making a funny face Peter Motzfeldt

The venue Peter and Flash Catalyst

Discussing MVC and others late in night Ruben & Martin

The next day I took a plane to Copenhagen, Denmark. The PHP user group manager was kind enough to set up a meeting for the group’s members to learn about our Flash Platform. About 13 people showed up, one of them was actually a Microsoft evangelist. Unfortunately he couldn’t stay up until the end, so I don’t know if he enjoyed the session. Many thanks to Troels and to the people from Peytz & Co. who let us use their office for this meeting (they had an amazing working space, lots of room and very unconventional.

_DSC4753 _DSC4754


After the meeting, with the help of Peter (yes the same Peter from Norway’s Flex Camp, because he actually is Danish), I discovered some local pubs and local beer, and we had more talks on technology. Actually I recorded a very short interview with him about what he thinks about Flash Catalyst (I will post the video soon).

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  1. Thank you Mihai, for a couple of great times in the Nordic… you are most welcome at any time.
    I hope to see you in Buchuresti in the spring, we have to visit “Carul cu Bere”.

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