Netherlands PHP conference: phpgg Frontend Special

Last Saturday (January 24th), I had the pleasure of presenting a session at the “phpGG Frontend Special” conference in The Hague, Netherlands. Although it was the first edition, everything went smoothly. I have to say a big thank you to Kana, Remi, and Stefan. Also thank you to Rein (kudos to Remi for reminding me). There were about 50 people, and during the six hours of the event I had the chance to talk with some of them.

The content of the conference seemed to be interesting judging by the people’s reaction as I don’t speak Dutch. There were four session of 45 minutes, and twos three sessions of 15 minutes. My session was “Flex and AIR for PHP programmers”, and basically I gave a quick overview of what Flex and AIR are, and why you should use them  and where. I intended to code two examples live (one Flex app with REST services, and one AIR app with ZendAMF-remoting), but because I was running out of time, I coded only one example, and I just walked through the other one. And still I didn’t managed to finish on time. Arrrrrrrgh!

PS. Thank you for the nice gift! And thank you Rick for the nice chat on our way back to Amsterdam! Hope to see you next year at the same event.

PS2. This was also a test for me, because I left for the conference in the morning (from Bucharest, Romania), and I came back at midnight. Basically, for 21 hours I was traveling, waiting for a connection, or attending/speaking at the conference. I shot some videos; when I have the time I will put them together!

3 thoughts on “Netherlands PHP conference: phpgg Frontend Special

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  2. Hi Mihai, thank you for your brilliant presentation. I really enjoyed your session and you’ve managed to get me interested in trying AIR.

    For reference: I’m the guy that lived in Romania, that should tell you enough ;) (oh, also check my blog, I did a write-up on the day as well).

  3. @Berry Langerak

    Hi Berry and thank you for your kind words! And I read your blog post. Cool mate :)

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