Kind of a traitor…

I’ve been using MS-DOS, Win 3.1, Win 95 & 98, Win 2000 and XP for the past 15 years. So it seems a little bit strange to switch after all these years to a Mac. But, I did it. My new MacBook came two days ago. I am still in the process of installing/configuring, and moving my data from my PC (I am also in vacation, so my wife doesn’t allow me to stay with my computers as much as I would love :D). I must say some of the user interface metaphors are so sweet, and very … usable. After only a few hours, I got used with many shortcuts and particularities.

If you wonder why I did this switch after all this time, here is the answer: the current combination of the PC hardware and software seems to me that is somehow behind of the MacBook and Mac OS proposition. And because being productive with your tools means a lot in any business, I feel that it was time to do this switch.

PS. Because of this extra activity, I put on hold an article on the Text capabilities in Flash 10/AIR 1.5. Stay tuned, maybe I will manage to publish the article this year.

3 thoughts on “Kind of a traitor…

  1. Hi, Mihai, I am a Windows user and know very little about Mac OS, so why PC is behind of the MAC, is it right some softwares on Mac is faster running than PC? Such as Flex, PS, AE etc.

  2. Not necessary some particular software, but the ensemble (all the software, including OS,and hardware) seams not to be as stable as a Mac.

    This is my personal experience, it may not be the absolute truth…

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