"First Steps in Flex", MAX Sessions, and iTunes

Last week I was asked about good resources for learning Flex/AIR. So I have some more resources for you: First Steps in Flex is available for purchase. This book is written by Bruce Eckel and James Ward. I read this book this summer, because I was a member of the review team. And I can tell you this book can really help you get up to speed with Flex/ActionScript/AIR very quickly. So, if you are new to Flex world, and you want to learn, then maybe this is the book for you.

First Steps in Flex First Steps in Flex

As I said in another post, all the MAX sessions will be available. As a matter of fact, we’ve started to publish them in batches. You can find them on Adobe TV:

If you prefer to use iTunes, then you can find them in the iTunes as well. Enjoy!

iTunes and MAX Sessions

Later Update: You can enjoy these recordings in Adobe Media Player too. Click on My Favorites, and click on the ADD RSS FEED button and add these feeds:


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