Munich Flex and PHP user group meeting

Last evening I had the pleasure of presenting an introductory session on Flex, AIR and PHP to PHP developers in a nice location, downtown Munich. It was fun to code two examples with all the people watching me (I demonstrated how to bring data into Flex using REST and XML, and how to use Remoting and Zend AMF for an AIR client). Actually it was a kind of Extreme Programming, because they helped me to catch the typos and things earlier rather than later.

Of course, the PHP debugger kicked me! After my session, Tobias von Klipstein gave a session on Dojo.

But what I enjoyed most was the kind of round table we had after-wards, when we talked about open source and Adobe, about JavaScript and ActionScript, and more. Actually, some of the people stayed late into the night: we left the pub after midnight.

Some folks asked for the code that I wrote during the presentation. Instead of giving that code, I have a better proposal, just click on the following links for some nice articles and projects with code that you can download and look at.

If you want to try Flex, just download Flex Builder and give it a spin. It will work as a trial for 60 days, plenty of time to play with it.

If you have questions, just drop me an email. Thank you again for a nice evening, and I hope we can meet again next year!

Later Update: Many thanks to Raju Bitter for all the help, and care! I hope to meet you again soon!

5 thoughts on “Munich Flex and PHP user group meeting

  1. Tobias von Klipstein is the name of my colleague who presented dojo.
    It was nice talking to you last night. It’s always nice to meet the people behind the stuff.
    Keep it up!


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