KLM rulez. NOT!

I did it again. Everything was perfect, until I landed in Amsterdam (I was on my way back home from MAX San Francisco). Here I had the pleasure of having my flight canceled, and then the next one delayed… twice! 12 hours of waiting in the beautiful Schiphol. But what was really unbelievable, was the huge line in front of transfer desk 4. They chose to redirect all the people to the same desk. And as they canceled a lot of flights, the line was long as a football field. “That’s ridiculous!” a Brit in front of me said. After more than one hour, they finally got it that maybe, just maybe, the people were having the best time. So they started to distribute water and some chocolate for free. Although, it is possible they did that because of the growing line in front of their first aid booth, with the people that started to faint staying in the other line :)

I think I’ll switch to Lufthansa! In the meantime I will fly to Milan for MAX with Alitalia. I am not nervous at all, because if they don’t fly, I can get there by the car. My sessions are on Wednesday, so no rush baby!

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