Adobe MAX 2008 AIR Boot Camp Course Online

Duane Nickull and James Ward gave a 3.5 hour mega lab at Adobe MAX 2008. If you are curious about the course, you can get the materials and read the original story here.

250 people learning together! Pretty amazing, I remember my university days :) But I must admit that these two guys (Duane and James) are way cooler than my teachers!

6 thoughts on “Adobe MAX 2008 AIR Boot Camp Course Online

  1. Since October 24th (32 days ago), you’re written 16 posts dedicated to Adobe MAX. That’s one MAX post every 2 days. Kinda annoying. Don’t you have anything interesting to write about?

  2. I think you are right, I did post a lot on MAX. However some posts although related to MAX, I think are more than an information. It is the case of this post: you can download the materials. Are these materials less valuable because they were released at MAX?

    Anyway, probably I will stop do that next week.

    Thank you for letting me know how you feel.

  3. @16/32 on November 27th, 2008 6:25 am:

    While this is true, you have to understand that from our standpoint, we have been living eating and breathing MAX for 4 months now. It is over now so I am sure Mihai will be releasing some cool new content! It consumes every moment of our lives and I have done the same. I vow to move forward also.

    BTW – we added a second course making over 8 hours of tutorials available from

    Mihai – great job in Milan. Where do you go next?


  4. Hi Duane, good to “hear” you again :)

    I’ll be in Munich Monday and Tuesday, presenting Flex and AIR to a PHP UG. Can’t wait!

    how about you?

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