With all the new things that were announced at MAX San Francisco, you may have missed this one: we’ve launched the Adobe Groups web site! It has support for internationalization, and you can use it to find an Adobe User Group for your technology or product, start a new user group, and much more. So far there are more than 400 user groups.

Also, we’ve changed the process for establishing the sessions at MAX. So if you want to be part of this process, have a look here:

“MAX Open Working Group is a new group on Adobe Groups where we will be organizing MAX openly in the community for MAX 2009 and beyond. All session topics, speakers, camps, camp managers, and other content items will be organized using this resource.

It is time we built our conference in the open and got the community more involved. I would encourage you to give open and honest feedback about the event there as only when we understand what we did right and wrong can be improve.

Thanks for making MAX great in 2008, it will be better in 2009!”

If you want to find how MAX NA 2008 was, click here.

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