2008 MAX Day 2 Keynote in pictures

So, I was a good boy and I received tickets in the front rows. The boys are getting ready for live blogging (Andrew, Serge; a little bit of Ted Patrick on the left)


Nice music, great animations. AIR is the leading man or lady. People are getting in the mood.


The great chief (Kevin Lynch) gives a special mission to agent B (Tim Buntel). The theme of the keynote was Bond. James Bond.


Agent F is coming the rescue the day (Ben Forta).


Agent F and B are inspecting the troops. I mean the agents. First one, Photoshop.


Then Flash Catalyst shows the power.


Then the Alchemy secret project.


Agent F and agent B talking about the greatness of Gumbo (next Flex Builder version) and of course, about the power of ColdFusion. Neat stuff for working with data.


Dreamweaver and how it can take down bare hands JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


Flash and search engine indexing.


Ted Patrick is counting his army (+420 Adobe User Groups).


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