Do you know live Flex/AIR applications with PHP backend?

I want to create and maintain a list of Flex and AIR applications that use PHP on the server, and are live so any one can see them.  Thus, if you build such applications or you know some, please drop a comment on this post.

I really need your help people! Many thanks :)

5 thoughts on “Do you know live Flex/AIR applications with PHP backend?

  1. Most of the apps I’ve been developing for over 16 months (both Flex/Air) have a mixture of a PHP backend and LiveCycle Dataservices to interact with SQL remote procedures and SSRS. This is all in production environment for financial systems so unfortunately I cannot publish access here for obvious reasons. Just to say so far PHP as been my choice on server-side stuff for Flex.

    The only public one (and the one with less time devoted) is the company website at In this one all the server side, CMS, tracking and filesystem (for the newsletter) is PHP and MySQL based.

    See you around at Max-Milan in December

  2. @Fernando Colaco
    Thanks for the info, and please if you make more public Flex and PHP projects, let me know.

    Great! I also love to use AMF with PHP. There is a new project for this kind of work Zend AMF.
    Anyway, can you point me to some of your public projects with Flex and PHP? Thanks!

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