Flash Player 10, Creative Suite 4 and InContext Editing are out

Finally we can play with the release version of Flash Player 10 (this is a major release as it introduces a bunch of new capabilities: new text engine, pixel bender, 3D transformations, GPU acceleration for graphics and sound, and many more), you can buy Creative Suite 4 and you can try InContext Editing for the first time for free.

I want to talk just a little bit about InContext Editing, because it is a new product and I know many of the people behind this project. Also, I think it is really, really cool. Did I mention about that its user interface uses Flex?

So what is InContext Editing?

Basically, it is a way for normal people to be able to edit their sites. The workflow to get a site that can be edited directly in the browser is:

  1. Developer/Designer creates a site using Dreamweaver CS4, and establishes the regions that can be edited
  2. The site is deployed on the production server
  3. Developer/Designer registers the site with the InContext Editing service. Site owners can then make changes to the site themselves.

There are some advantages to this approach compared to the classic workflow for changing an existent static site or to complex CMS used for a simple website:

  1. The owner of the site doesn’t need to call its web designer each time she wants to update the business phone number
  2. The designer doesn’t need to pause his current work just to change a basic information. Even a simple change can take an hour (searching for the client website, search for FTP credentials, make the change and so on), and the owner of the site will not believe that he is charged for one hour of work.
  3. Finally, for many simple websites a complete CMS (such as Drupal) is to complex to administer for this kind of user.

For the coming months this service is free, so you can try it wherever you are :) If you want to read more about this new service, go here. I will write a dedicated article on this topic in the coming days.

2 thoughts on “Flash Player 10, Creative Suite 4 and InContext Editing are out

  1. Exista deja adobe developer connection. De ce nu incurajati sa-l folosim pe acela si apoi sa faceti voi un query pe baza aia de date?

    Ce fel de privacy policy se aplica daca ma inscriu?

    Voi dati lista de consultanti oricui? Voi primi spam in cazul acesta?

  2. Chris I think you post the comment on the wrong post and second I would prefer to have the comments in English, as many of my readers don’t talk Romanian.

    I will edit my post to add an answer to your questions shortly.


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