Are you a freelancer, or consultant, or agency who has deep knowledge in Flash, Flex, AIR, FMS?

We (I mean the Adobe Evangelists based in Europe) are extremely interested in creating a list with:

  • Consultants
  • Certified Trainers
  • Certified Professionals
  • Agencies/Companies

that have good knowledge in one or many:

  • Flex
  • AIR
  • Flash
  • LCDS/BlazeDS or other technologies designed to work with Flex
  • FMS

and are located in Central or Eastern Europe.

If you are qualifying to this criteria and you want for free to grow your awareness and probably your business, please contact me either by email (mihai.corlan at adobe dot com or mihai at corlan dot org) or by placing a comment to this post.


Some reader asked some interesting questions:

  • there is Adobe Developer Connect that offers a way for registering
  • what privacy policy it is applied
  • how we will share this list, spam

I definetely encourage each and every one of you to go to Adobe Developer Connect and register there. But, if you are from Eastern Europe, and you are a company or person who has the skills I’ve asked, then I think definetely worth to send me some basic contact info at least.

Regarding the privacy policy and how we intend to share this. I want to talk with each person who will sign up to this program. After we talk and understand exactly what are their skills, I will ask for their permission to recommend them to other persons who are interested in finding people with their skills. I mean, I talk and I meet many people. And sometime I get this question if I know a good Romanian, or Bulgarian,… to recommend for a project involving Video Streaming, or Java and LCDS or something else. So if you don’t want to be recommend it by me or by my colleagues, there is no problem. Don’t send me any contact info.

I hope this clarification helped.

5 thoughts on “Are you a freelancer, or consultant, or agency who has deep knowledge in Flash, Flex, AIR, FMS?

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  3. DesignIT Web Development

    25th Florica street,
    052223 – Bucharest,


    Contact persons:

    Andrei Ionescu
    phone: 0723 631251

    Stelian Crisan
    phone: 0722 316195

    We write a flex technical blog at (Fx{r}).

    Andrei was presenting at Bucharest Flex Camp on April 2008, and one of his articles on Fx{r} was published in Flex 3 Cookbook.

    Also, we are members on Romanian Flex User Group (

    Our company is developing a flex project for a company from Italy, also we are about to start a new flex project for an other company based in Finland.

  4. Is there a way to leave the contact info and a short description of the company in a private manner?


  5. @Gabriel Mirea

    Of course, you can send the info by email. I said that in the post, but here the addresses again:
    [mihai.corlan at adobe dot com or mihai at corlan dot org]

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