Flex, AMF, PHP and Zend Framework

If you missed the last week announcements coming from Adobe and Zend, then you might want to read this post.

Basically, the two companies announced a join effort to make easier the developing of PHP applications with Flex frontends.The two companies will deliver technologies, content and services to make it easy for enterprise developers to build rich Internet applications (RIAs) using Flex on the client and PHP on the server.

Part of this joined effort, are the support for AMF in the Zend Framework, a better experience for developers when working with Flex Builder and Zend Studio (both these IDEs are build on top of Eclipse).

My recent article from Adobe Developer Connection, Working with Flex and PHP in Eclipse, shows the things and some workarounds you can do today. I expect a much better experience in the near future and I plan to write back and to record some videos on this subject. Here is a link to the original announcement.

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