BarCamp Brighton – the third edition

Last weekend in Brighton (University of Sussex) it was the third edition of BarCamp. As Adobe was one of the sponsors, I was there presenting a session on Flex. My friend, Andrew was there too, and he presented a session on AIR. His session was much better than mine, and the public was applauding. But I think he cheated a little bit, as he presented 10 AIR applications you can’t live without and the last one was Desktop Keeley. I mean, come on, show me a Flex app that can compete with this one :D

The concept is interesting, everyone is expected to speak (present something). There were more than 100 people over there, so at any given time you had 5 or 6 sessions going. Thank you again guys for inviting me!

BarCamp Brighton BarCamp Brighton BarCamp Brighton

PS As usual, my luck goes berserk when I am on the road. This time the Heathrow Express was evacuated (so I spent an extra 40 minutes waiting) and Saturday, during lunch time, the fire alarm sounded and we were evacuated for about 30 minutes. Rock&Roll baby!

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