What has been happening lately in the Adobe RIA space

So, what has been going on over the last few weeks in the Adobe RIA space? Actually a lot of things. And I think with all these developments, we will have a great MAX this year. And remember, there is much more news to come (remember Thermo and Gumbo, just to give an example).

LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6

LCDS 2.6 version was released on 8th July. What’s new: improved server performance and scalability, alignment with Flex 3 and Flex Builder 3, Data Management improvements (paging, offline, subtype support, Hibernate support). You can read release information here.

Flex 4 SDK (code named “Gumbo”)

On 14th July Flex team published information about the next version of Flex 4 (code named “Gumbo”). As you probably already know, Gumbo has three main themes: Design in Mind, Developer Productivity and Framework Evolution. You can see a 14 minutes presentation on Gumbo here, or you could watch Ely Greenfield discuss developer/designer improvements, and here are more details on the themes. You can download nightly builds of the Flex SDK from here: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Download+Flex+4.

Flash Player 10 beta 2

On 2nd July, the Flash Player 10 beta 2 was released on Adobe labs. It targets all three platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux and it has new features (custom filters and effects, 3D effects, new text engine, visual performance improvements, and enhanced sound API just to name some of them) and bug fixes.

Acrobat Reader 9

This version brings some interesting features: it has native Flash support (you can display SWF and FLV inside of an Acrobat document), it can use services from acrobat.com. With Acrobat Reader, you also get Adobe AIR (you need the runtime in order to use acrobat.com services – you can create PDF files online, edit with others, upload and share PDF). And of course it has better performance (improved launch time) and security (with support for 256-bit AES encryption and new digital signature functionality). And by the way, on 2nd July PDF became the latest ISO standard, you can read an article here on this subject.

Adobe Media Player 1.1

A new version of the AMP was launched last week. The welcome screen is redesigned and there are a lot of changes under the hood. I plan to do an interview this week with a couple of engineers from the AMP team, so stay tuned.


flex.org has a new layout that should give a better user experience.


I guess the best way to see presentations and demos on all these products and on many more, is to come to Adobe MAX 2008 – either in San Francisco, in Milan, or in Tokyo :D.

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